We Love Company!

Come see us in Cypress, TX. Families in north Houston are getting their kids outdoors and introducing them to our amazing herd!

To arrange a visit, please see the information below and contact us.

  • Please email your name, phone number, three options for dates, and how many people will be in your group.
  • Cost is $50 per adult and $35 per child
  • Please see our Visitor’s Guide so that you know what to expect.

We are Adorable! So Sponsor Us!

You can sponsor a horse, which is the next best thing to owning one! Bring the kiddos out to visit and watch them feed, interact and love on the minis. What an opportunity to teach boys and girls compassion and responsibility, while allowing them to have fun with tiny horses! Some of these pint-sized babies are no bigger than a dog!

We need donations!

Pick a sponsorship plan that works with your budget. We offer three levels. Check it out!

1.) Silver at $50/mo.
2.) Gold at $100/mo.
3.) Platinum at $200/mo.

Your generosity means everything to these sweet horses, and we simply can’t do this work without you!


Please email your inquiries to [email protected].