Visitor’s Guide

Love at first sight — Zane and JC!

We LOVE visitors, but are also very protective of our animals. This is why we require that you schedule a supervised visit. People who are sponsoring a horse already “know the ropes” and are accustomed to this policy.

However, the general public may not be aware of the time and preparation our volunteers make to accommodate these visits.

To arrange a visit, please see the information below and contact us.

  • Our touring contact is [email protected].
  • Please email your name, phone number, three options for dates, and how many people will be in your group.
  • Cost is $50 per adult and $35 per child.

What to Expect

Fun day at the sanctuary — with minis at eye-level!

Come as you are, but consider wearing tennis shoes, boots or galoshes! Our trained volunteers roll out the welcome mat to provide the best experience possible. We guide you through interactive encounters — notice how children get up close and personal on the farm!

This often means “dropping everything” to prepare for your visit. This “before-visit” preparation may involve caring for a mare in labor, a newly rescued horse in need of medical care, or orphaned foals who are still adjusting to their new home. We may purchase additional equipment or coordinate efforts so that our special needs visitors are accommodated. We may call in additional volunteers based on the needs of our animals. All of this preparation ensures that your one-on-one interaction is a glorious fresh-air, hands-on experience!

No visitor has ever been disappointed…not with the wonderment of such a variety of breeds! On any given day there may be donkeys, and (of course) horses — but the biggest draw is our pint-sized miniatures who are the most adorable creatures you’ll ever meet! Children, especially, love bonding with mini horses who are at their eye level, and sometimes smaller than the family dog! It allows them to see, touch and learn to love horses from a new perspective!

So please visit us, contribute, and help us continue this important work on behalf of the horses!

Please email your inquiries to [email protected].