Peanut’s Story

Peanut (1)

A Place for Peanut was founded in January 2016 so that others can experience the joy of spending quality time with a horse. But it is also a refuge for horses whom would otherwise face unspeakable plights.

Mini…but Mighty

It all started with Peanut, a miniature filly measuring a delicate 29 inches tall. One would think such a cute pint-sized horse would be cherished as someone’s pet, but this was not the case for Peanut.

She was discovered in a Texas “kill pen,” a place where owners and breeders dump their unwanted horses. Peanut was separated from her mother, who had been sent to slaughter.

This gruesome death s entence awaits horses who are transported to Mexico and killed for meat consumption in foreign countries. Thankfully, Megan intervened and Peanut is now thriving alongside her herd mates.

Peanut is the inspiration behind Megan’s rescue efforts and now resides in Cypress, Texas with her herdmates. Peanut and Megan’s current goal is to raise awareness about kill pens. In doing so many equines are currently being rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted out. They also have many that have gone on to be a part of their equine therapy program.

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