Peanut Gallery

Enjoy a Peek at Some of Our Rescued Horses

Each of our horses were once treated like “throw aways,” despite the fact that they did nothing to deserve this fate. But we don’t see “throwaways” — we see “keepers!” We do our best to share their back stories, and are thankful that their trials and hardships are behind them. Now it’s onward and upward to bright futures, thanks to your help! These horses will live long, happy lives — and that’s what matters.

See the green sticker? This kill pen “identifier” is glued to horses and can’t be removed without tearing the skin. Eventually it will fall off, but until then it’s a ghastly reminder of a brush with death. We see a lot of these stickers at a Place for Peanut and are doing our part to rescue horses from a terrible fate. Thank you for helping us help them!

Millie is a highly trained Arabian mare that came in July of 2017 from the kill pen. She was very sick and thin, but is now happy & healthy. Unfortunately, her previous owners did not release her registration papers. Regardless, she would make someone an excellent show prospect! Isn’t she a beauty? Available for adoption!

Our Mustang Shiloh

Shiloh was once a free range Mustang. His freeze brand (cold rather than the traditional hot iron) denotes he’s from the Nevada range and was born in 2009. What a handsome fella!

Welcome to the nursery! This band of babies is busy congregating and socializing. Notice that they show affection and sort of “snuggle” together. They are learning to run as a herd, and there’s nothing sweeter than pitter patter of teeny tiny hooves!

Muffin was a very scared, very sick little boy. He was rescued by one of our donors and placed with us. We kept him at the vet clinic for two months to overcome illness and terrible neglect. This investment of time and resources was definitely worth it, because he is now a happy, healthy horse. It’s stories like these that inspire our efforts. And thanks to your support, we are able to rescue and rehabilitate more horses just like Muffin. What a privilege it is to make a difference! Every horse deserves a loving home, and donors like YOU make it happen!

Faith and Eli catch a little shade as they take a leisurely stroll. A blazing hot summer means the grass dries up, which is why we are requesting rolled hay bales. A $85 bale will feed 4 horses hay for one week. Can you donate one bale? Faith and Eli thank you!

A shocking amount of pregnant mares are sent to kill pens. Some give birth while there and are sent to slaughter with their foals. Others are slaughtered while pregnant. A Place for Peanut offers hope and a future to these mothers and foals. Please help by sponsoring, adopting or donating today!

Scout and Geronimo look like mismatched bookends! But these two don’t let a little size difference get in the way of a wonderful friendship. Each has thrived after harrowing rescues, and we thank our donors who make our ongoing rescue work possible. It’s a labor of love that truly transforms lives!

Tessie and Layne are brand new to the sanctuary and on antibiotics. They are regaining their strength, and we’ll be keeping them as therapy horse because they are so tiny. We hope you’ll follow along as they are rehabilitated. They will look like different minis once they are healthy!

We need hay! It’s been an extremely  hot summer, and hay donations have been a Godsend! Please consider providing a rolled bale for our therapy and companion horses. The cost is $85 and would be much appreciated! Thank you for helping!

Our pretty horses are hanging out near the hay. Every time someone donates hay or pays for a round bale, our whole herd benefits. Thank you all for your encouragement and support as we care for our rescues.

A Place for Peanut is truly a sanctuary for some of God’s most beautiful creatures. Just look at Zara and Vida’s gorgeous markings! These two are good friends and enjoy hanging out together. It’s a good thing that Zara is such an awesome role model, because Vida certainly looks up to her. We love watching all our rescued horses bond and settle in to a safe and loving environment. Check out our Peanut Gallery and be sure to watch our YouTube videos. You’ll see all our precious horses frolicking in the great outdoors and running with the herd!

Just look at these two in matching gear! Saved from the kill pen in July, our new Hackney pony is in training and loving every minute of it. Smiles all around!

Mia & Milo – mother/son came in from the kill pen early 2018. They have now gone on to their forever home with their buddy, Buck a standard donkey.

In Memory of Benny


Benny was thrown out by his previous owner. Megan found him in the kill pen on the way to slaughter. He was an older, gentle soul and loved to run with the herd. Benny enjoyed “protecting” the mares and foals and recently passed away of old age with a full tummy, knowing he was loved. We miss him!

Please email your inquiries to [email protected].