About the Founder

Megan and her late fiancé Bob Allen

Megan Cardet is a lifelong equestrian who is moving heaven and earth to rescue horses and ponies from kill pens. Most of the public is unaware that kill pens exist, let alone the horrors that await unwanted horses. They are sent to Mexico to be slaughtered (some don’t survive the journey), and their meat is sold to foreign countries. This gruesome death sentence begins when they are dumped at a kill pen.

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With the important role of the horse throughout history, it is incomprehensible to Megan that these noble creatures are betrayed by their owners and a predatory industry. Rescue groups are doing what they can to intervene, and Megan is an advocate for reform.

“While it is illegal to eat horse meat in the states, our government is sending thousands of our horses overseas for slaughter and human consumption. We must pass the Safe Guard American Foods Act HR 961 so that our horses can no longer be sent to kill pens,” she says.

“I know first hand what this loving project means to Megan and everyone who is involved with A Place For Peanut. I’ve seen the minis, the horses and even Snowflake the donkey, and you can actually sense their gratitude. It’s a lot of time and work for those involved, and the more that are saved from the kill pens and given good homes…well it just makes the world a better place. The minis doing therapy with sick kids is awe inspiring. If you’ve got a few bucks to help out, it’s greatly appreciated.”

~ The late, great sportscaster Bob Allen, board member of A Place For Peanut and board member of the Sunshine Kids

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