Kill Pens & Issues

“If rescue groups don’t intervene and buy them, they are shipped to Mexico for slaughter,” explains Megan. “Many of them don’t survive the trip.”

Scout and his herdWith the important role of the horse throughout history, it is incomprehensible to Megan that these noble creatures are betrayed by their owners and a predatory industry. A kill pen is where people and breeders dump horses that they no longer want. Kill pens are not full of lame horses. They are full of all breeds of horses, pregnant mares, ponies, mustangs, quarter horses, thoroughbreds, Arabians, draft horses…you name it.

Rescue groups are doing what they can to intervene, and Megan is an advocate for reform.DaisyandRowdy

While it is illegal to eat horse meat in the states, our government is sending thousands of our horses overseas for slaughter and human consumption. We must pass the Safe Act HR961

so that our horses can no longer be sent to kill pens.

Horse Slaughter

Federal Legislation Introduced to Prohibit Slaughter of American Equines

Tell Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter

Information, Fact Sheets and Statistics About Horse Slaughter

Unwanted Horses and Horse Slaughter FAQ

Fact Sheet: Transport to Slaughter

Local advocates pushing for law that would save horses from slaughterhouses

Horse Slaughter Statistics Totals and by Breed

Other Issues

Menopause Mares—The Ugly Truth

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