There’s nothing like a mini. They are friendly, gentle, playful, and curious, and make absolutely precious additions to your family.

They were originally bred as pets for the children of European nobility in the 1600’s — and they’ve been been imported around the world due to their popularity.

But not all minis have been blessed with loving homes, and that’s where we come in.

The most remarkable thing about our rehabilitated minis is their ability to love and bond. After being rescued from the kill pens, they are cared for at our sanctuary and often make wonderful therapy horses. Our goal is to place them into their forever homes. They are adopted as pets and companions, bringing joy to their new families. Won’t you consider adopting a mini of your very own?

Please visit our forms page for adoption paperwork.

Mo is still learning to trust. He came in as a stallion that had never been handled. He’s been gelded and completely vetted. He’s a larger mini and could be ridden once broke. He eats out of our hands and is learning pressure and release with the halter. He is also seen in the first photo with his bonded mate, Princess – they are only adoptable together.

This precious boy was picked up from Kaufman Kill Pen September 5, 2018 and is safe in quarantine with my dear friend Melanie! She said he was shaking like a leaf and hiding his head in the corner of the trailer – totally terrified. This poor baby has been through hell but thankfully Jennifer & Holly made it possible for him to come to APFP. He will be loved, rehabilitated and then ready for his forever home. We can’t wait to meet you little love! You are safe! He has a puncture wound near his eye and will require medical attention. Please donate to his medical fund here

These three beautiful Arabians are looking for their forever home!  The top two are a bonded pair both rideable and in their teens. The video is a gorgeous Arabian mare.

Please email your inquiries to [email protected].