Welcome to our Rescue Ranch

Thank you for visiting A Place For Peanut!

As a rescue organization, we move heaven and earth on behalf of our shelter animals. Most are miniature horses that we save from the kill pens, sometimes buying them right off trailers bound for Mexico. If we don’t intervene, the horses are processed and sold as meat.

Yes, this is a grim and gruesome business. But most animal rescue is. We have the heart, guts and time to save horses. What we need is financial support for our charitable nonprofit.

How You Can Help

Can you donate to our cause or supply some needed equipment from our Amazon Wish List? That would be wonderful, and donations are tax deductible!

There are other ways to help, as well. You can:

Every Bit Helps

We are grateful for all our visitors and donors. Anything you can do to help us save and rehabilitate our min-horses is greatly appreciated! Thank you on behalf of the board, volunteers and animals at A Place For Peanut!