Equine Therapy

Rosebud with VidaAll Ages Welcome

Horses are intelligent creatures and can overcome abuse and neglect. Perhaps that’s why they make such great therapy horses for people of all ages. A Place for Peanut offers private sessions and plans to do more once the organization grows.

Meet Some of our Therapy Horses

  • Scout is extremely sweet.
  • Shortstack was untouchable and terrified of humans, but learned to trust again.
  • Rosebud was rescued from the kill pen and gave birth to Vida the following month. Both are in training to be therapy horses.
  • Hope and Max came in together. Max was orphaned and Hope became his nurse mare.
  • Many others in the herd are proof positive that loving care can work miracles.

Our Therapy Horses Give Back!

Equine therapy can help children and adults alike! Interacting with these precious horses often helps people heal from traumatizing events or illnesses, and we are so grateful that A Place for Peanut can help improve the lives of people and horses, alike!

Please email your inquiries to megan@aplaceforpeanut.com.