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November 9, 2017—have a burrito, support our mini horses!

Without your help, we cannot sustain our mission to save these precious horses. Through your donations, we are able to continue our work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them into loving families. Our 501C3 tax exempt status makes your donations tax deductible, and there are many ways to contribute. Read below!

Help Us Help Them!

  • We need online donations to cover hay and veterinarian care, or you can mail a check to our mailing address: 6681 Bayou Glen, Houston, TX 77057.
  • Please contribute to our cause and help save a pony!
  • Sponsor a horse! It’s a great experience and your kids will love it!
  • Our horses “give back” through equine therapy. Give them a tip!
  • If you can, please adopt one of our sweet rescues.
  • Hats and t-shirts are available for a donation of $19.95. Order and pay through Paypal.

When Visiting Our Sanctuary

T-shirts are available for a donation of $19.95. Order through Paypal!

We LOVE visitors, but are also veryprotective of our animals. This is why we require that you schedule a supervised visit. People who are sponsoring a horse already “know the ropes” and are accustomed to thisprocedure.

However, the general public may not be aware of the time and preparation our volunteers make to accommodate these visits. If you want to view the horsesand enjoy one-on-one interaction, please make an appointment and also plan on making an on-site contribution. Suggested levels of contributions range from $50 to $200. Please see our Visitor’s Guide to ensure the best possible experience!

Donate Today!

We are an all volunteer non-profit charity and while many of our rescued horsesare rehomed, we also have keep some as therapy horses to work with adults and children who have experienced traumatic events in their life.

We have three sponsorship levels:

Hats are available for a donation of $19.95. Order through Paypal!


1.) Silver at $25/mo.
2.) Gold at $50/mo.
3.) Platinum at $100/mo.

Please donate on our Paypal page! You can also purchase items on our Amazon Wish List!

We invite you to check out the Peanut Gallery and meet the herd. We do our best to provide their back stories so that you can understand the terrible depths of their past lives, and celebrate far they have come! These horses are so grateful for a second chance at life and are such blessings to everyone who meets them!

MuffinIn the nursery

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